A Mindfulness Tale

A children's book about self-love, compassion, gratitude, resilience, and meditation.

About the Book

Blue is a beautifully illustrated children’s is about an insecure bluebird who fell out of his nest.  He meets a wise chipMUNK who teaches him to look inside, love himself, keep trying, and learn to fly.

Blue is about much more than just meditation and mindfulness.  It’s about self love, compassion, gratitude, resilience, confidence, and hope.  It is about changing our personal poetry, uplifting our perception, and realizing that we are already beautiful, strong, and wise just as we are.  It is about learning the techniques needed to navigate the difficult moments.  There is no other book that packages all these lessons into a short tale that can just as easily reach a kindergartener  as it can a grandparent.

It is just as much a children’s book as it is a coffee table book, with beautiful artwork by Nuri Keli, illustrator of the popular television show Archer.  It speaks to the inner child in all of us.  Blue is a simple poetic introduction to the young ones, and a poignant reminder to adults.  Check out the KICKSTARTER campaign to learn more!

About the Author

Hill Schroder is an Atlanta native and graduate of The Westminster Schools and The University of Mississippi.  He has been practicing mindfulness and meditation since 2005, and held a six month residence at Magnolia Grove Monastery.  He enjoys writing poetry, nature, live music, and travel.


About the Artist

Nuri Keli was born and raised in Adana, Turkey.  He moved to Atlanta to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.  His first professional illustration job was working on the television show Chozen, and now he illustrates the FX show Archer.  Nuri enjoys tea, cooking, art, and yoga.


Praise for Blue

“Hill Schroder has done fantastic work to make the skills of mindfulness and compassion accessible for both children and adults. Blue is a hero’s journey that will introduce hope and inspiration to anyone lucky enough to read it.”
~Dr. Jason Kahn, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, founder of Neuro’motion

“In all my years of working with children and teens, this is the most beautiful resource to help them find inner peace, self-love, confidence, and resilience that I’ve found, all packed into an adventuresome book. Blue is an absolute gem for children, parents, and adults of all ages.”
~ Rev. Ursula Lentine, youth minister

“Blue is a meritable story that will introduce children to the power of mindful concentration, Blue will help to encourage new generations of children and families to develop and explore the inner dimensions of their heart together.”
– Android Jones, digital visionary artist

“A delightful read, Hill has disguised a vital and fundamental life lesson for humans of all ages as a children’s book. A beautiful initiation for the young ones, yet a potent reminder for the adults reading it to them.”
~Anthony Thogmartin, lead singer and guitarist of Papadosio, producer of EarthCry

“Blue is a magical journey for both children and the child in us all. Hill tells a story of love and compassion that is timeless and accessible to all ages.”
~Shane Madden, music producer Govinda Music

“This is not only a beautiful, richly illustrated story, it’s the kind of story that’s needed in our time. Hill Schroder has brought us an elevated parable that both happily entertains and delivers a critical life skill to children and parents alike. Blue is a heart-ful tale of awakening that can benefit everyone!”
Dave Zaboski, artist, author, and co-creator of You With the Stars In Your Eyes with Deepak Chopra